Backstage Update On Luke Harper's WWE Return At Clash Of Champions 2019

Harper made a shocking return on last night's pay-per-view.


Roman Reigns vs. Erick Rowan provided WWE Clash of Champions 2019's most shocking moment last night - and not because the former Bludgeon Brother upset 'The Big Dog' in their grudge match.

Instead, the bout made headlines for Luke Harper's shocking WWE return, with Rowan's old partner blasting Reigns out of nowhere, then helping his big bald buddy beat Roman down to gift him the victory.

Exiled from WWE television shortly after WrestleMania 35, it was the first time fans had seen Harper in months and, per PWInsider, WWE went all out to ensure his appearance remained a secret.

Their report states that the promotion purposefully kept Luke's name off the night's runsheet to ensure nobody knew what was going to happen. WWE also kept Harper hidden somewhere backstage until the Reigns vs. Rowan bout began, ensuring nobody saw him before his eventual appearance - a move that unquestionably helped preserve the surprise.

Prior to Clash of Champions, fans could have been forgiven for thinking they'd never see Harper back on WWE television again, given that it's only been a few months since he publicly asked for his release from the promotion. Now, it looks like the Bludgeon Brothers are back in business.

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