Backstage Update On Negative Response To AEW's Chris Jericho

Jericho has been booed and received "Please Retire!" chants in recent weeks and months.

AEW Dynasty HOOK Chris Jericho

While the crowd reaction to Chris Jericho had been so-so (at best!) for a good while, that reaction took a whole other turn at AEW Dynasty last month. Of course, that was the PPV where the inaugural AEW World Champion was greeted with chants of "Please Retire!" and "Go Home, Jericho, Go Home!" as he defeated HOOK for the FTW Title.

As per Fightful Select, this negative response is something that Jericho supposedly anticipated. AEW talent and sources close to the veteran told the outlet that the Dynasty crowd reaction was "almost exactly" as the Ocho had told others it would be in the week leading up to that PPV.

Fightful adds that a particular topic of conversation amongst wrestlers lately is wondering who smartened Jericho up to the "Jericho Vortex"; a phrase coined by fans to describe those talents who work with Le Champion and often end up being the worse for it. The outlet also asked whether Jericho was aware that the terms "The Learning Tree" and "Rarified Air" had already been used in pro wrestling, but there had been no response to that question. For those unaware, The Learning Tree was a TNA/IMPACT stable consisting of Brian Myers, Zicky Dice, VSK, Sam Beale, and Manny Lemons, whilst "Rarified Air" has long been a catchphrase of MLW favourite Richard Holliday.


Where the FTW Championship is concerned, many people - including Taz - have been surprised by the changes Jericho has made to that title, such as rebranding it to the For The World Title from its previous F**k The World mantra. For those wondering, yes, the belt itself is the original belt that was first introduced in ECW back in 1998.

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