Backstage Update On Sasha Banks' WWE Hell In A Cell 2019 Injury

How long is The Boss expected to be out of action?

Sasha Banks

Having been left off this past Monday’s episode of Raw, Sasha Banks was reported to have suffered a back injury at Sunday’s Hell in a Cell PPV. Now though, there’s an update on The Boss’ injury – and it doesn’t sound good.

Via PWInsider, Banks’ injury wasn’t actually to her back. Instead, it’s her tailbone (ouch!) that was injured during Sasha's Hell in a Cell bout against Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch. As of right now, Sasha Banks has been pulled from all in-ring action and is not cleared to compete.

There’s no word on when the multiple-time Women’s Champion is expected to return to the ring, but she is still scheduled for a public appearance at Arnold, Missouri’s Cricket Wireless store on Monday, October 28th.

Following that, Banks is then booked in for a similar appearance at New York City’s Ringside Fest on Sunday, November 3rd. This Ringside appearance is still on track to be alongside Jeff Hardy – although given Hardy’s most recent run-in with the law last week, who knows where things will stand with The Charismatic Enigma come November 3rd.

Despite not being cleared to compete, Sasha Banks will still likely be at least referenced on tonight’s SmackDown or Monday’s Raw as the WWE Draft takes place and talents are assigned to a specific brand, even if The Boss doesn’t physically appear on WWE TV.

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