Backstage Update On The Reaction To Harold Meij's NJPW Resignation

The acting president of New Japan Pro Wrestling announced his resignation yesterday.


With yesterday bringing word that Harold Meij was stepping down as the acting president of New Japan Pro Wrestling, now comes an update on how that news has been received by NJPW talent.

Meij announced that he would leave his position to be replaced by Takami Ohbari on 23 October, and that decision is said to have received a mixed response behind the scenes in New Japan.

In a report from Fightful Select, opinion is split on whether Meij’s resignation is a good thing or a bad thing. One unnamed long-time NJPW favourite was seemingly relieved by this news, with that star having struggled to get behind Meij’s vision for the promotion. Elsewhere, others think that Meij deserved more time in the role and that his targeted goals were unexpectedly hit hard due to the current global situation the world finds itself in.


It may have come as a surprise to a good portion of wrestling fans, but the overwhelming feeling is that the majority of New Japan Pro Wrestling talent were ultimately not massively surprised due to so many of them seeing Meij’s initial plans are never being able to play out how he’d envisioned them.

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