Backstage Update On The Usos' WWE Future

What does Jey's singles push mean for Jimmy?


The Usos will not be split up when Jimmy returns to WWE television in a few months, despite his brother Jey's ongoing singles push.

This is the word of Dave Meltzer in this week's Wrestling Observer Newsletter. The journalist has been told that WWE has no plans to separarw the duo, even though Jey is currently occupied by a Universal Championship pursuit and Jimmy's wife, Naomi, has been drafted to Raw. The promotion usually endeavours to keep couples on the same brand as much as possible, though Jey staying on SmackDown (and Jimmy presumably joining him when he returns) is a break from this.

WWE centralising all main roster production at Orlando's Amway Center means couples being on separate brands isn't a particularly big deal at the moment, though this would change should the ongoing global health crisis ease off, allowing WWE to return to a more conventional road schedule.


Jimmy is expected to make a full-on WWE return sometime between November and January. He has been missing since injuring his knee in a ladder match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 36 back in April.

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