Backstage Update On WWE NXT's Diamond Mine Concept

New details on NXT's Diamond Mine, including the Tessa Blanchard speculation.

NXT Diamond Mine

NXT's Diamond Mine concept isn't being hyped to push the idea that Tessa Blanchard may be signing with WWE.

Per Fightful Select, it isn't the company's intention to build the expectation that Blanchard is coming in, which was speculated after the Diamond Mine vignettes started airing on last week's NXT. The former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion has used diamond-related imagery extensively throughout her career, hence the link.

While one of Fightful Select's WWE sources understood why people were drawing the line between Blanchard and Diamond Mine, this is a misconception. It isn't a Tessa tease - and WWE is keeping further details under wraps.


In related news, the same report states that talent who attended AEW's latest television tapings gave a "firm no" when asked if Blanchard was negotiating with Tony Khan's company. This follows on from Dave Meltzer's report confirming that the two parties aren't in talks.

The latest Diamond Mine video aired on last night's episode of NXT, continuing the concept's MMA stylings:-


There's currently no word on what, exactly, Diamond Mine is going to be, though WWE applied to trademark it back in December 2020, suggesting this is something the company has been working on for a while.

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