Backstage Update On WWE Running More NXT TakeOver Shows

Could WWE be looking to expand the number of TakeOver events in 2020?

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Following the official announcement that NXT is moving to the USA Network from September 18th, many fans have been wondering whether the expansion to a weekly two-hour live broadcast will be matched by an increase in TakeOver shows.

According to the usually reliably @Wrestlevotes, there is a very good chance that WWE will indeed expand their annual TakeOver events to six specials.


Of course, any such decision would be made based on the success of NXT and how many more eyes that move to USA brings in for the WWE’s gold and black brand.

When such an additional TakeOver could take place, that’s to be seen. In 2019, WWE has NXT TakeOver specials attached to their Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series PPVs in addition to a standalone TakeOver in June.


Earlier in the week, WWE investors were informed that plans are underway to further monetize the NXT brand – and increasing the number of TakeOver events was one such idea on the table to do just that.

Since the first NXT TakeOver event in May 2014, WWE has put on four TakeOver shows in 2014, five in 2015, four in 2016, and then five in 2017, 2018 and now currently in 2019.

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