Backstage Update On WWE's New FS1 Studio Show

Cathy Kelley the latest name to be rumoured to be joining WWE's new weekly discussion show.

Cathy Kelley

Amidst the major changes that are imminently on the way for WWE, one of the most intriguing is the company launching a new weekly studio show on FS1. And now comes an update on what to expect from said show.

Courtesy of PWInsider, the current plan is to have Renee Young anchor the show and oversee panel discussions on the various goings-on of WWE. Booker T is believed to be Young’s co-host on the show, and now there’s rumblings that Cathy Kelley may also be a part of the studio show as she splits her time between that FS1 offering and NXT.

According to these same reports, the past several weeks have seen a number of WWE personalities and Hall of Famers in California as part of an audition process to be a part of the studio show once it launches on FS1.

Given that SmackDown moves to Fox as of October 4th, it’s expected that a title and premiere date for this studio show will be announced any day now. All that that we know in that regard is that the show will air live from Los Angeles each and every Tuesday night.

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