Backstage Update On WWE's Plans For Jinder Mahal

No, they don't include a WWE Title programme with Drew McIntyre...


If you're wondering why Jinder Mahal cut what was ostensibly a babyface promo on this week's episode of WWE Raw, it's because the promotion is likely on the verge of formally turning him in their latest attempt at sparking business in the Indian marketplace.

Raw saw the Indo-Canadian muscleman say it was an honour to be back on WWE television and put "old pal" Drew McIntyre over for becoming WWE Champion. A World Title programme between the former 3MB stablemates had previously been rumoured, though this seems to be off the table now.

The latest episode of Wrestling Observer Radio saw Dave Meltzer state that WWE has been looking to promote a top-level Indian babyface for a while now. Like Mahal's failed World Title run (which failed to spark business in any measurable way), this is an attempt at spiking one of WWE's biggest consumer bases and comes just two months after the promotion signed a new television deal in the nation.


'The Modern Day Maharaja' has only recently returned from a 10-month absence after suffering a bad knee injury last June. He defeated Akira Tozawa on the 27 April episode of Raw.

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