Backstage Update On WWE's Survivor Series 2019 Plans

Who will Bray Wyatt face on 24 November?

The Fiend Survivor Series

WWE's next big pay-per-view, Survivor Series 2019, goes down on 24 November, and while the card is taking shape nicely with a big Raw vs. SmackDown vs. NXT theme, the usual men's and women's elimination bouts, several inter-brand Triple Threats, and a heated clash pitting Rey Mysterio against WWE Champion Brock Lesnar, one man remains conspicuous by his absence.

WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt.

Last week's SmackDown suggested 'The Fiend' could be challenged by Daniel Bryan, who Wyatt assaulted in a backstage segment. Yesterday, the Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer confirmed that this is, indeed, WWE's current plan, with the company's greatest technician set to wrestle a monster he hasn't faced since a January 2015 episode of Raw. We can probably expect their feud to develop on tonight's SmackDown.


Meltzer also notes that abandoned plans had Wyatt wrestling The Miz, who joined SmackDown in the October draft, with Bryan competing against AJ Styles and Roderick Strong in a three-way, suggested he'd have become Intercontinental Champion.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer writes that Rusev vs. Bobby Lashley isn't in WWE's plans at the moment. The reason? The card is already full.

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