Backstage WWE Update On Contract Offers Made To RETRIBUTION

WWE News - Details On RETRIBUTION's WWE Contracts!


The second half of last year saw reports circulate that the members of RETRIBUTION had been offered new WWE deals, and now there’s an update on the purported deals that were offered to the faction.

As per Fightful Select, the contracts on the table for RETRIBUTION’s members were three-year deals for a guaranteed $250,000 per annum. That deal went out to every member of the group bar leader Mustafa Ali.

This $250,000 figure is significantly lower that the majority of contracts WWE has offered talents over the past couple of years, although this falls in line with the cutbacks WWE made in 2020 - all as the company generated record revenue.


It’s believed that some of those called up from NXT in recent months have been dangled the carrot of renegotiating their deals as and when the landscape of the world hopefully starts to revert back to some semblance of normalcy.

Likewise, several WWE wrestlers have opted against signing any renewals recently put to them, with these names opting to instead play the waiting game and use any leverage they may have.


On an additional note, Wrestling Observer Radio reports that not all recent NXT call-ups have been offered new deals upon moving to Raw or SmackDown. Until WWE is able to start running live events again, certain individuals are making the same money on the main roster as they were making during their time in NXT.

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