Backstage WWE Update On Potential Bobby Lashley Injury

Just how legitimately hurt was the All Mighty after last night's WWE Raw?

Bobby Lashley Randy Orton MVP WWE Raw

Following his loss to Big E at the conclusion of last night's Raw, there's now an update on the status of Bobby Lashley.

After losing the WWE Championship to E, some had speculated that Lashley picked up a genuine knee injury at some point during the night. According to PWInsider, the All Mighty is said to be absolutely fine, with him having simply done an excellent job of selling the kayfabe wounds of battle.

Additionally, PWI reports Lashley received significant praise backstage for his performance on Raw. Of course, before dropping the WWE Title to Big E, Bobby had a 14-minute war with Randy Orton, not to mention was featured in the opening segment of the show.


It terms of future plans for Bobby Lashley, there's no word yet on when he may get a chance to reclaim the WWE Championship from Big E, or on what other plans are in the mix for Bobby throughout the rest of the year.

Given recent happenings, many are clearly expecting to see Bobby Lashley vs. Bill Goldberg at WWE Crown Jewel on 21 October in Saudi Arabia.

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