Bad Bunny Attacked During WWE Raw After WrestleMania

Rap superstar bludgeoned, put through announce desk during otherwise bland show.

Bad Bunny

WWEInternational superstar Bad Bunny has been a surprisingly wonderful addition to WWE's cadre of celebrities who fly in to do periodic angles with the sports entertainment leader, but he might have bitten off more than he can chew Monday night.

Bunny got into an argument in Spanish with Dominick Mysterio while seated at ringside when Judgment Day was attacking Rey Mysterio. The two jawed in Spanish until Bunny slugged Dom down, forcing Damian Priest to get involved and yank his former WrestleMania 37 tag partner over the barricade. Priest then proceeded to attack Bad Bunny and put him through the announce desk, leaving him laid out to be hauled out of the arena to seek medical attention.

At Mania 39 on Saturday, Bunny got involved in Dominik's match against Rey, stealing a chain the younger Mysterio was going use, which indirectly led to Rey picking up the victory. Monday's interaction continued the angle, which could lead to something like Rey and Bunny teaming up to take on Dominik and Damian.

Bunny will host WrestleMania Backlash during next month in his native Puerto Rico, the first time a WWE PPV/PLE has taken place on the island for nearly 20 years.

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Bad Bunny
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