Baron Corbin Loses After Cashing-In WWE Money In The Bank Contract

The Lone Wolf made a big, big mistake on SmackDown...

Baron Corbin

Last night's SmackDown ended with a huge shock, as Baron Corbin cashed in his Money in the Bank contract - only to lose.

The Lone Wolf interfered in a non-title main event between Jinder Mahal and John Cena, breaking up a pinfall attempt and appearing to go after the challenger. However, once getting Cena out of the ring, Corbin then shocked the Providence, Rhode Island crowd by handing his briefcase to the referee.

The ensuing title match lasted a matter of seconds. As Corbin prepared to attack Mahal, Cena jumped on the apron to distract him. Baron knocked his rival down, but turned his back on Jinder in the process, allowing the champion to roll him up for a three count and retain his WWE Championship,

This booking decision has already shocked many, with a huge reaction on social media immediately following the event. Many had predicted that Corbin would save his opportunity for the aftermath of this Sunday's WWE Championship match at SummerSlam, cashing-in on the winner of Mahal and number one contender Shinsuke Nakamura.

Instead, that potential avenue looks to have been closed off, and the alternative appears to be a continuation of the Cena/Corbin feud that has been brewing for a short while now. Cena's role in Baron's loss will likely play a central role, as the former's jovial reaction following the incident suggests.

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