Baron Corbin Says Dave Meltzer Is "A Cancer To Wrestling"

WWE's King went OFF on Instagram last night.

Baron Corbin Dave Meltzer

Baron Corbin went off on Dave Meltzer in an Instagram comment yesterday, burying the Wrestling Observer man and his influence on pro-wrestling fandom.

The King of the Ring winner's comment was made in response to a post from user @buryingsmarks_ stating that the only reason people were criticising the rumoured Elias vs. John Cena WrestleMania 36 match was because Meltzer didn't like the idea.

Here's what Corbin had to say (h/t

“People need to realize he is a cancer to the entire wrestling industry not just wwe. He inspires hatred to anything and everything he doesn’t like or agree with. For example I may not like a band and that’s fine. But what separates us is I don’t have to continually bash them online or work to get others to hate them as well. I don’t have the time or energy to be that negative of a person.”

Corbin isn't the first WWE wrestler to openly criticise Meltzer, with Seth Rollins attacking the journalist on Twitter just a few short months ago. Rollins, however, had a legitimate gripe, as Dave apologised for reporting inaccurate information re: Seth and a backstage rah-rah speech. Corbin? He just seems like he doesn't understand what a professional critic's job entails.

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