Baron Corbin's Next Feud Revealed On WWE SmackDown

WWE added a new wrinkle to Corbin's character on SmackDown. He's a thief!

Baron Corbin WWE

Baron Corbin opportunistically seized the moment and stole Big E's Money In The Bank briefcase on this week's episode of WWE SmackDown.

Corbin was conducting a backstage interview with Kayla Braxton after losing to Kevin Owens earlier in the night - WWE's booking stipulated that KO would owe Baron $1,000 if the ex-'King' could win. He didn't though, which means that he (theoretically) has to stop begging fans and other wrestlers to dig him out of a financial hole.

Then, the plot thickened.


Corbs grabbed E's MITB case and sprinted out of the arena yelling about how he'd soon cash it in and earn millions as the Universal Champion. E gave chase, but he hasn't really responded to the angle on social media since SmackDown ended.

It seems obvious what's going to happen here though - WWE will likely book Corbin vs. E one-on-one for the MITB privileges. That match could happen at SummerSlam on 21 August, but the company may prefer to book it on SmackDown over the next few weeks instead.


They've got options, at least. Corbin also deserves praise for how he's handled this new gimmick.

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