Bayley Bites Back At Criticism From Another WWE Star

Who doesn't like Bayley and Sasha Banks holding all the gold?


Bayley fired back at fellow WWE star Ember Moon during an interview with Bleacher Report.

The injured Moon had previously said on a Twitch stream that she didn't like the way Bayley and partner Sasha Banks had been booked to win every single female title available on Raw and SmackDown. That, to Ember, was a poor way for Kairi Sane to end her run with the company (Sane was at ringside with now-former Raw Women's Champ Asuka) too.

Responding, Bayley said that she could understand where Moon was coming from, but challenged her to step up and do something about it when she returned from injury. Then, the reigning SmackDown Women's and Women's Tag-Team Champ made a good point when she added, "If not us, then who?".


There was some kayfabe masking to Bayley's comments, but she seemed genuine when suggesting that Banks and herself had worked tirelessly to earn their spots. The double champion said they've been "knocking it out of the park".

Moon had also said that seeing Banks and Bayley hoard all the belts left her "upset". She's been benched by a serious achilles injury since September 2019, and must be desperate to get back in the ring.

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