Bayley Reacts To Teased WWE Queen Of The Ring Winner

Who will be crowned 'Queen' at WWE Crown Jewel?

Liv Morgan Toni Storm

Over the weekend, WWE's official Twitter account polled fans on who they'd like to see crowned as 'Queen Of The Ring'.

Several users showed their support to Liv Morgan, who has received a push of sorts on SmackDown of late, having spent most of her WWE career in between roles. This looked to be theme of her career for a while, given the contents of her 'Liv Forever' Network documentary. Her programme opposite Carmella appears to have connected with fans on some level, however, and if the consensus is that the creative is retrograde, the actual in-ring work has impressed.

This is true of at least one observer, Bayley, who in response to Morgan's retweet of a fan-made graphic depicting Morgan as 'Queen' replied "I'll allow it".


The inaugural bracket is scheduled to get underway this Friday on SmackDown Live (October 8), and the tournament will culminate at the Crown Jewel pay-per-view on October 21 alongside the concurrent, revived 'King Of The Ring' tournament.

The tournament has faded in prestige and importance in recent years, but if King Corbin is any indication, it at least promises a consistent push.


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