Becky Lynch Buries WWE's "Brand Supremacy" After Raw

'The Man' said what many are thinking in this fiery post-Raw interview.

Becky Lynch

At this time of year, few pieces of insidious WWE-speak come in for as much criticism as "brand supremacy," as wrestlers who were fighting one week come together for the sake of Survivor Series, donning their red, blue, and now black-and-gold t-shirts for a pay-per-view pitting WWE's top three shows against each other.

This style of build always causes narrative problems, it looks like Raw Women's Champion Becky Lynch isn't a fan of it either.

Speaking in this interview uploaded to WWE's YouTube channel after last night's Raw, 'The Man' claimed she "doesn't give a b*llocks about brand supremacy," adding: "the brands, they don't care about us. I don't understand why this is a thing."


Referring to her scheduled match with NXT's Shayna Baszler and SmackDown's Bayley, Lynch said that "if they want to come after me, come after me because I am the best, not just of women's wrestling but of wrestling in general. Come after me for the right reasons."

While clearly an in-character promo, that Lynch's words reflect the real-life feelings of many a frustrated WWE fan means they'll resonate. Here's hoping the Survivor Series pay-per-view delivers in the ring, at least.

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