Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair HEATED Backstage Shoot After WWE SmackDown

The Man and The Queen clashed backstage after last night's WWE SmackDown.

Becky Lynch Charlotte Flair Sonya Deville

Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch were involved in a heated backstage confrontation after the latest edition of Friday Night SmackDown on FOX.

With last night's show seeing The Queen and The Man exchanging their respective titles inside of the squared-circle, it's been said that the former was particularly concerned about this segment coming into the episode. Several people with knowledge on the situation have revealed to, that Flair didn't want to look weak coming out of the moment and that she didn't want her overall reign with the Monday Night Raw strap to look weak on the back of the swap.

On top of this, Flair also reportedly went off script in chucking her title away from the SmackDown Women's Champion during the taping as the Raw Women's Champion was supposed to simply hand her belt to Lynch. Becky followed up this detour by then launching her own title at Flair, another off-script interaction.


In the wake of Flair and Sasha Banks setting up their incoming feud with a physical back-and-forth, the former then confronted Lynch backstage, calling out Big Time Becks for "trying to make her look bad", according to source nearby.

Though it was said to be an explosive exchange - far more so than the title swap itself by the sounds of it -things didn't get physical. But it's likely for the best that these egos have been kept apart thanks to the latest Draft.


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