Becky Lynch Confirms Relationship With Seth Rollins

'The Man' confirms the rumours in social media sparring session.

seth rollins becky lynch

The rumours are true: Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch are a couple.

'The Man' confirmed the relationship on social media last night, throwing the reveal into a Twitter sparring session with Edge and Beth Phoenix:-

This was part of a wider back-and-forth that began with Lynch posting an image of her and Beth Phoenix celebrating at a house show. "Don't get too close to that title," was the caption, before Phoenix fired back with "I'm just glad that we are friends and not steaming over a silly little detail like being tied for number of title reigns."

Becky bodied Phoenix (and husband Edge) in response, leading Beth to ask "are we involving our men now?", and the reveal.

Few fans will be surprised by this story. Rumours of Lynch and Rollins dating have circulated since the duo started appearing in photos together earlier this year, though this is the first time either of them has gone public with the news.

Best wishes to the happy power couple, who currently hold three of WWE's most important championships between them, and please, a moment of silence for any bad internet-dweller who has ever referred to Lynch as "my future wife" or anything equally creepy.

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