Becky Lynch Returns To Her Old WWE Look

Will Becky Lynch be WWE's next big return as comeback season continues?

Becky Lynch

Becky Lynch is orange-haired once more.

Hair stylist Audi Leingang posted a new picture of Lynch to Instagram yesterday, showing that the former Raw and SmackDown Women's Champion has returned to the look she typically sports on WWE television. Check it out here.

The post came accompanied by the following caption:-

Shhhheeee's baaaaccckkkk!! Thank you @bellamihair and @goldwellus for the win today on @beckylynchwwe #revivalmane#goldwell#bellamihair#hairextensions#goldwellusa#kerastase

It's hard to take this as a surefire sign that Lynch's return to television is imminent. Becky is a master teaser in this regard, having hinted at a return several times already this year, particularly around WrestleMania 37 season. Sadly, she is yet to re-emerge on Raw or SmackDown.

Lynch was last seen on WWE television in May 2020, when she announced that she was pregnant. Handing over her Raw Women's Championship to Asuka that month, she gave birth to her and Seth Rollins' first daughter, Roux, on 4 December. The happy couple were then married on 29 June 2021.


Comeback season is currently in full effect around the wrestling world, with WWE already bringing Goldberg and John Cena back while AEW plot the grand arrivals of CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Lynch would keep the theme rolling along nicely.

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