Becky Lynch & Seth Rollins Are Openly Discussing Babies

The couple talk chances of them having children together...

Both Becky Lynch and Seth Rollins joined John Cena and WWE announcer Cathy Kelly on the red carpet for the premiere of 'Dolittle' this past weekend.

In between some generic banter about the movie, Becky and Seth opened up on the chances of them having children together in the near future. The engaged couple, who said they're "in no rush" to wed, didn't laugh off suggestions that there could be some miniature versions of the 'Monday Night Messiah' and 'The Man' running around.

Rather definitively, Lynch said that there "will be babies" at some point in the future.


Neither party is in a huge hurry to make it happen though, which sounds smart. Becky (in particular) is at the peak of her career and has a good few years left in her before she decides to take nine months off for pregnancy.

After Lynch joked that she'd be happy with 20 kids (!?), Rollins played diplomat and said he'd work on Becky's clock because she was the one who'd have to deliver babies. Score one for the right answer, Seth.


The next generation is incoming, albeit not imminently.

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