Becky Lynch To Exit WWE Following Contract Expiry

Becky Lynch will be a free agent as of this coming weekend.

Becky Lynch

Hot on the heels of reports that her existing WWE contract is set to expire this coming Saturday, it appears that Becky Lynch is going to be taking a hiatus from the market leader.

As per Wade Keller of PWTorch, Lynch has told people within WWE that she'll be taking a break from WWE once her contract expires.

Of course, the expiration of that contract means that the Man will be a free agent and allowed to have talks with other promotions. On this front, Keller notes how Becky is not planning to "imminently" join AEW. While obviously anything can happen, there is a belief that Lynch will return to WWE "someday" and that a deal will be worked out between the two parties. One also has to consider that Becky's husband Seth Rollins recently signed a new multi-year deal with WWE. For the foreseeable future, though, the Irish grappler will be stepping away from WWE and seemingly away from the squared circle.


Keller didn't have any specifics on why Becky Lynch is going on hiatus, but being one of the company's biggest stars and being constantly on the road clearly takes its toll on someone, and Lynch has certainly put in her fair share of tough miles - both in a travel sense and in a physical sense to her body - over recent months and years. With a young daughter, too, it could just be that Becky wants some time to focus on non-wrestling matters and/or to recharge her batteries.

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