Bella Twins Reveal The WWE Gimmick Names They Really Wanted

Nikki and Brie will do...

The Bella Twins weren't always going to be called plain old Nikki and Brie when they hit the WWE scene in 2007.

During an appearance on Kevin Hart's wildly entertaining 'Cold As Balls' YouTube show, the pair revealed the names they first pitched to management after failing to land slots in the 2006 Diva Search. They're...well, they're rather special.

Nikki would've been "Nicole Fo Show" and Brie would've been called "Brie-zy for Sheezy" had the twins had their way and managed to convince WWE that buying into such Jersey Shore-sounding monikers was a shrewd business move. The company weren't interested, and even Hart admitted he could see why.


Both Nikki and Brie would go on to enjoy successful careers, but they didn't get to pick their own ring names. That, after hearing the horrendous crap the twins came up with, was probably locked in as part of their contracts from that point on.

"Nicole Fo Show" and "Brie-zy for Sheezy" didn't make it. Still, at least Brie got to peddle her 'Brie Mode' gimmick and start using hubby Daniel Bryan's strong style kicks as her own.

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