Beloved WWE Stable Turned Down "Fill In" Member

An absent member pitched a temporary solution, but his WWE stablemates said no.

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Big E told WhatCulture Wrestling's very own Adam Wilbourn that he suggested New Day pals Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston get a "fill in" member to replace him when he got injured back in 2022.

His stablemates turned that down flat and said they wouldn't be entertaining any temporary members. The trio had made a name for themselves as a collective, and both Woods and Kofi thought it should stay that way. Since then, they've worked hard to keep the New Day name alive during E's absence.

There's no word yet on exactly when (or even if) Big E will be able to make an in-ring return. It's been almost two years since he suffered a nasty broken neck during a match on SmackDown, but E did enter an entertaining performance as part of the panel during WWE's recent WrestleMania 40 press event in Las Vegas.


He didn't go into details during the interview (available in full above) about exactly who would've temp-replaced him in New Day. Perhaps E didn't have a clue himself, but worried about what the future might hold for Xavier and Kofi.

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