Best Selling Pro Wrestling Tees Shirts Of 2020 And All-Time Top Seller Revealed

Which Pro Wrestling Tees have been the top sellers in 2020?


During a recent interview with Chris Van Vliet, Pro Wrestling Tees' creator Ryan Barkan revealed which shirts have been the best sellers in 2020 and the top seller in the site's history.

Pro Wrestling Tees works with wrestlers, giving them the opportunity to create their own stores and control exactly what merchandise they wish to sell to their fans. The site doesn't just sell shirts either. You can find everything from bandanas to fanny packs all with your favourite star's and promotion's logos slapped on top.

Speaking about which shirts have been the most popular this year, Barkan noted that an Orange Cassidy shirt ranks as the site's number #1 for 2020:

"So, the number one seller of the year is Orange Cassidy. It's the orange shirt that just has his thumb on it and it says 'Freshly Squeezed'. That's the number one seller for the year."

Going into further detail about which shirts make up the rest of the site's top five for the year, Barkan added:

"(Cassidy's) also got the number two seller which is just his photo (on a white shirt). So those are the two. He's a good seller. The number three seller is an Owen Hart shirt. We signed a deal with Dark Side of the Ring and Owen's wife Martha and came out with a shirt. It's his first shirt in twenty-something years, so that's number three. Then there's two Chris Jericho Inner Circle shirts. There's the Stadium Stampede Losers shirt, where it says 'Champions' but they're really the losers. And then there's a Guns N' Roses parody shirt. So, Chris Jericho is the top selling wrestler of the year, by far, like no one is going to ever beat him but Orange Cassidy holds the top selling shirt of the year."

It's interesting to note that both Jericho and Cassidy make up four of the top five most popular shirts of the year. The Pro Wrestling Tees top sellers went back and forth throughout 2020, providing us with some of the year's most memorable AEW moments.


When asked which shirt ranks as the top seller in the entire seven year history of the site, though, Barkan unsurprisingly noted that a Bullet Club design still ranks as the overall number #1:

"The second Bullet Club shirts – the bone soldier with the skull. It's probably my favourite wrestling shirt of all time. I mean, we've probably sold 150,000 just of that shirt specifically."

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