Big Cass' WWE Release Down To Carmella Incident?

Apparent backstage scuffle was 'last straw'.

Carmella Big Cass

Big Cass was unceremoniously dumped by WWE at the start of last week, with various reports emerging in the aftermath attributing the superstar's sudden termination to a number of attitude problems, chief amongst them a European tour allegedly spent drinking excessively.

However, have now reported that the final straw instigating the seven-footer's release was a backstage commotion with ex-girlfriend Carmella.

According to the website's sources, Cass was said to have caused a scene after asking his former partner's forgiveness. Witnesses say Carmella rebuffed the pleas, turning to walk away, before Cass allegedly grabbed her arm to stop her. A disturbance broke out, as the The Usos and Erick Rowan supposedly got involved in separating the pair.

Once management were made aware of the incident, it was decided Cass was one liability too many. The big man was called into Vince McMahon's office just hours before the SmackDown Live event in Toledo, OH, where he was given his marching orders.

Assuming the veracity of this version of events, Cass' earned his last strike this past Monday, which explains why his defeat at Sunday's Money in the Bank to Daniel Bryan wasn't as comprehensive as one might expect of a guy being 'jobbed out the territory', as it were.

As ever, check back for further updates on this story as they emerge.

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