Big Changes Made To WWE Production Jobs

Backstage notes on the changing nature of life as a WWE producer.

Jason Jordan

WWE has made a number of notable changes to its producer's jobs lately, including doubling up on assignments and taking personnel off the road in an apparent cost-cutting measure.

This is according to Fightful Select. The outlet, which regularly publishes detailed production notes on WWE's weekly television shows, stated that where once producers were typically handed only a single assignment per episode, WWE had started doubling this.

Additionally, some segments that were once handled by two producers are now covered by a single staff member, which has been attributed, in part, to Joe Hennig and Ariya Daivari not being retained following their trials in the role. Daivari, specifically, was believed to be in line for a full-time role with the promotion prior to his departure, though he has since signed a deal with AEW/ROH under Tony Khan.


In an attempt to save money, WWE has also kept some producers off the road for a week at a time, not bringing them to television.

Senior producer Jason Jordan, meanwhile, is now being credited with more television segments than before. Where once it was rare to see his name alongside a TV segment, this has changed.

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