Big Changes OFFICIALLY Coming To WWE Network

Almost immediately, too.

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After what feels like years of rumours - all of which were swiftly followed by "Vince McMahon has changed his mind," which indicates that you probably shouldn't get too excited about the latest long-term storyline idea - content from select, affiliated independent companies is on its way to the WWE Network.

"Starting this Saturday," among those promotions are:

Germany's Westside Xtreme Wrestling, the spiritual home of WALTER and one of the most legendarily, brutally disgusting matches in the history of the business. Sick f*cks will want to search for WALTER Ilja Dragunov the very second that sh*t drops, bypassing, of course, the mid as all hell NXT UK.


England's PROGRESS Wrestling, which strongly informed the now-imploded 'BritWres' boom. EVOLVE from the US which, alongside Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, shaped the very complexion of modern professional wrestling to much acclaim in its early years,

Scotland's Insane Championship Wrestling rounds out the first, belated wave of affiliate independent content, but parallel rumours persisted that WWE had reached out to other, non-affiliated promotions for the express purpose of purchasing or renting their archives.


Check back to for more news on that as and when it arrives,

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