Big E Is Already Back On His Feet Following Recent Neck Break

The former WWE Champion was up and about in his latest post-neck-break update.

Big E
Twitter, @WWEBigE

Big E is back on his feet less than a week after breaking his neck on WWE SmackDown.

Thursday saw the former WWE Champion use Twitter to share a new video update on his recovery, showing himself walking around his neighbourhood following the horrific injury.

The New Day man said the following, stating that while his neck was still broken, his heart was still beating (h/t Wrestling Inc.):-

“I’m just here to provide a brief life update. Right now I’m walking around my neighborhood. It’s about 80 degrees, not a cloud in the sky. I’m wearing this match Street Fighter inspired fit. And life is good. I’ve got breath in my lungs. It’s a beautiful day, I’ve got my little taco meat out, a little chest hair, that’s what I call my little taco meat. So that’s my life. That’s what’s going on in my life. My neck might be broken, but my heart is still there I think. Yeah, it’s still in there.”

Big E was hurt while teaming with Kofi Kingston to face Ridge Holland and Sheamus on the 11 March episode of SmackDown. A belly-to-belly overhead suplex from Holland went wrong outside the ring, with E landing on his head, rendering him unable to finish what was left of the match. With immediate medical attention required, it was later revealed that E had suffered a legitimate broken neck.

Former WWE medician Dr. David Chao later stated that although E's fractured C1 and C6 vertebrae wouldn't require surgery, C1 fractures often heal incompletely, putting the 36-year-old's wrestling career in jeopardy.


Fingers crossed for a swift and complete recovery.

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