Big E Wants THIS WWE Faction To Reunite

New WWE Champion Big E wants this disbanded stable back for a feud with New Day.

The Hurt Business

Big E wants Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin to reunite with Bobby Lashley and MVP as The Hurt Business.

The new WWE Champ, who cashed in his Money In The Bank contract on Raw, spoke with Complex about a potential Hurt Business vs. New Day match at Survivor Series. E is all in on that idea, but knows WWE would have to green light a reunion for THB first.

That...could be slightly tricky. Both Alexander and Benjamin were forcibly ejected in storyline earlier this year, and so the writing team would have get creative with any sort of hasty reconciliation. If that happens, then fans would be well within their rights to wonder aloud why the group split up in the first place.


Wrestling, that's why. Probably.

E thinks there's a lot both groups could do with each other - he'd like singles bouts with Shelton, Cedric and Bobby, for example, and says his New Day cohorts Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods could work some epic tag matches too.


Then, there's the big three-on-three showdown in November. Keep an eye on this one, because Big E might just be gauging fan interest for something that's already been internally discussed.

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