Big E Wins WWE Title On Raw!

Just like he said we would, Big E cashed in on Bobby Lashley to become WWE Champion last night.

Big E WWE Champion

Big E made good on his promise to cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase on last night's Raw, beating Bobby Lashley to become WWE Champion.

This went down after Lashley's successful title defence over Randy Orton. Originally booked to go down at Extreme Rules 2021 (26 September), the bout was brought forward to Raw, with Orton eating a Spear for the defeat after heading outside to RKO MVP.

Lashley was selling his leg heavily after the bell. Appearing to hurt it after putting Orton through the announce table in a post-match beatdown, Bobby initially refused to wrestle Big E due to the apparent injury. The New Day man reacted by getting in the WWE Champion's face, slapping him in the face to reignite the competitive frame, and getting the job done in just over a minute.


A chop block to Lashley's hurt knee opened things up for E, who was almost felled via quick Spear. He survived this, however, kicking out at two, fighting back, and hitting the Big Ending for the three-count.

The crowd erupted for Big E's first World Title win, which came after 12 years as a WWE wrestler. He called his shot by announcing his intention to cash in prior to the show. Now, he is the champion, having unseated Lashley, ending his 196-day reign on top.

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