Big E's Next WWE Title Opponent Revealed On Raw

With Bobby Lashley in the rearview, here's who Big E may face for the WWE Title next...

Big E

Drew McIntyre seemingly emerged as Big E's next WWE Title challenger on last night's episode of Raw, staring the New Day man down at the end of the show.

E technically wrestled twice on the broadcast. His opening defence against Bobby Lashley was interrupted by the reformed Hurt Business, with the referee calling a disqualification when Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander's brawl with Xavier Woods and Kofi Kingston spilt into the ring. Later, E felled Lashley inside a steel cage, putting him down with an avalanche Big Ending.

This follows E cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase to take the WWE title from Lashley on Raw's 13 September episode.


McIntyre hit the stage after E's final victory, pointing his sword down towards the WWE Champion. Assuming the two eventually face off, it'll be the first time Drew has been permitted to challenge for Raw's top title, having been banned from competing for the belt for as long as Lashley held it after his last loss to Bobby at Hell In A Cell 2021 (20 June).

Though he emerged from his recent Jinder Mahal feud victorious, McIntyre failed in recent attempts at capturing the United States Championship, losing in a Triple Threat with Damian Priest and Sheamus on 30 August before dropping a contendership bout to the latter the following week.


See below for the Big E/Drew McIntyre staredown.

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