Big Match Announced For WWE SmackDown FOX Premiere

Ladder match involving former Universal Champ set for Staples Center.

Kevin Owens Shane McMahon SmackDown

Another huge match has been set in stone for SmackDown's big premiere on FOX next week, as former Universal champion Kevin Owens will take on perennial bĂȘte noir Shane McMahon in a ladder match.

The bout was confirmed on last night's episode of the show, when Owens and Shane tried to settle the enormous lawsuit the latter had brought to his ex-boss over his apparent wrongful termination a fortnight back. McMahon gave the Canadian two choices: he could either keep him court for years, or drop the suit there and then.

Owens picked option c: a ladder match next week, with both men's careers on the line.

Don't worry yourself over the logic of this. We've lost track of the number of times this stipulation has existed between the pair, only to ultimately mean diddly squat.

Two other matches are already scheduled for SmackDown's big FOX bow. WWE Champion Kofi Kingston will take on Brock Lesnar in the Beast Incarnate's first blue brand bout in 15 years, whilst Raw Women's champ Becky Lynch & Charlotte Flair face SmackDown counterpart Bayley & Sasha Banks.

SmackDown launches on its new home on 4 October.

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