Big Surprise Set For WWE SmackDown Tonight?

A certain invasion looks set to continue.

walter smackdown

NXT's invasion of WWE's main roster looks set to continue tonight in Manchester, England, with UK Champion WALTER strongly rumoured to be involved.

In the hours before the show's recording, WrestleVotes tweeted that it wouldn't be a surprise "if Imperium showed up at the dual tapings today overseas." On last week's SmackDown, the gold and black brand launched an offensive against the FOX folk, and with this week's taping taking place in the United Kingdom, it'd make perfectly logical sense for the country's champion and his cronies to gatecrash.

Beyond WrestleVotes' nod-nod-wink-wink hint, there are no specific details on WALTER's role, particular seeing as his appearance isn't yet confirmed. If the Austrian does interlope however, it wouldn't be a major surprise to see a number of other NXT UK performers throughout the show as well, as they throw their hat into the overall NXT ring.

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Editorial Team
Editorial Team

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