"Big Surprises" Planned For AEW Dynasty

The Young Bucks just put everybody on notice, but...what do they have planned for AEW Dynasty?

Young Bucks

The Young Bucks claim AEW has some "big surprises" in store for fans this weekend at Dynasty.

Build towards The Bucks vs. FTR included Tony Khan's controversial decision to air security camera footage of current WWE star CM Punk scuffling with Jack Perry at Wembley Stadium before All In last summer. That didn't sit well with everyone, but The Bucks have quickly moved on from discussing that to these "surprises" during an interview with Sports Illustrated.


What could they be?

There's a chance Perry will return to the fold alongside The Bucks. Failing that, there are lowkey fears Punk will re-enter the chat on this first time ever AEW pay-per-view. That'd be unnecessary, but it'd fit the trolling gimmick currently being played by Matthew and Nicholas; Punk wouldn't be there in person, of course, but he could be brought up or referenced somehow.


It's important to note The Young Bucks were sort of in character during the interview with SI. They jumped from talking about "big surprises" to bragging about a potential third AEW Tag-Team Title run and how that'll be the apex of their tag careers.

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