Big Swole Quits AEW, Wrestlers Pissed At WWE For Storyline (VIDEO)

Andy H. Murray & Adam Wilbourn on Big Swole leaving AEW, Trish Stratus, WWE Raw, Edge & more!

Join WhatCulture's Andy H. Murray and Adam Wilbourn as they bring you Wednesday's rundown of all the latest wrestling news.

Today's video begins with a surprising AEW departure, as Big Swole announces that after speaking with Tony Khan and other higher-ups in the promotion, the two sides had mutually agreed that her contract wouldn't be renewed beyond its expiry date (00:45). Yesterday was her with the promotion and she is now a free agent.


From there, we backtrack to this week's episode of Raw (03:59) covering the backstage reaction to the company's decision to reference its recent talent releases as part of two separate storylines.

Big Swole

From there, we talk about the Raw match that is getting HUGE praise backstage following this week's show (06:43).


We then finish with Trish Stratus, whose WWE comeback has just been confirmed (09:25), going over the details of what looks like a one-night-only deal for the Hall of Famer.

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