BIG Update On Tessa Blanchard's Wrestling Future

The latest on Tessa Blanchard, who has held comeback talks with THIS promotion...

Tessa Blanchard
Impact Wrestling

Tessa Blanchard hasn't been active in professional wrestling in almost a year, but she has been in recent comeback talks with at least one promotion.

Per Fightful Select, the former IMPACT Wrestling World Champion held discussions with the National Wrestling Alliance earlier this summer. The outlet has confirmed the story with multiple internal and external sources.

There's currently no word on what kind of plan, exactly, was discussed, but the negotiations were tabled - at least for now.


The 26-year-old has been the subject of much speculation since departing IMPACT acrimoniously in June 2020. Stripped of her World Championship and released five days before her contract was due to expire, Blanchard reportedly failed to submit video content for IMPACT television when requested, leading to internal fears of her no-showing a scheduled title defence at the Slammiversary pay-per-view.

This isn't the only controversial incident on Tessa's rap sheet. January 2020 saw her embroiled in scandal when multiple people accused her of using racial slurs against Puerto Rican wrestler La Rosa Negra during a tour of Japan.


Blanchard has worked just one match since then (vs. Kyle Rae for Warrior Wrestling, 12 September 2020) and while she has been linked with AEW and WWE on multiple occasions, those links have been discredited.

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