Big Update On Titus O'Neil's WWE Future

WWE's Global Ambassador clarifies his status with the promotion.

Titus O'Neil

Titus O'Neil has told Fightful that despite his lengthy absence from the ring, he doesn't consider himself retired from competition.

WWE's Global Ambassador noted that he isn't currently listed as part of the promotion's active roster. Despite this, he isn't done with wrestling.

The 45-year-old refrained from stating a timescale for a potential return. He claimed, however, that it will happen eventually, saying that he will broach the topic with WWE when he decides the time is right.


O'Neil last wrestled for WWE on the 9 November 2020 episode of Raw, where he was flattened by United States Champion Bobby Lashley in around one minute. His usage rate had declined significantly in the months and years leading up to that, with O'Neil working only two Raw bouts in 2020 and three in 2019.

Behind the scenes, O'Neil has emerged as a key WWE figure in his ambassadorial role. 2021 saw him inducted into the company's Hall of Fame via the Warrior Award. This was on the back of his charity work, which largely revolves around helping children in the Tampa Bay, Florida region.


Titus last appeared on camera on the 18 July Raw, cutting a scripted promo labelling WWE a "safe haven" in a clear PR stunt following Vince McMahon's sexual misconduct allegations.

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