Big Update On Where Luke Harper Will Wrestle Next

Brodie Lee could be set to land in one of the world's biggest promotions.

Luke Harper WWE

The wrestler formerly known as Luke Harper could be set to land in New Japan Pro Wrestling.

This is according to Dave Meltzer on a recent episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, with wrestling journalism's most swole scribe claiming he has heard that Brodie Lee is very interested in working with Japan's top promotion.

An interesting move, particularly as it ties in with a recent Instagram post by Marty Scurll, in which 'The Villain' uploaded a picture of himself and Lee with the tag "Villain Enterprises?!". This raised a few eyebrows at the time but is particularly pertinent now that Scurll is part of Ring of Honor's booking team. The ROH/NJPW working relationship is back in full effect, so if Lee and Marty are working together, the former Harper has an easy in-road to the 'King of Sports.'

Brodie was finally released from his WWE contractual purgatory in early December. His no-compete clause should expire sometime in early March. As a skilled working big man, he'll likely be a wrestler in demand and would be a huge boost to any promotion he lands in, with his size guaranteeing he'd stand out immediately.

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