Big Updates On WWE's Money In The Bank 2018 Plans

Speculation mounts ahead of June 17th.

Samoa Joe Money In The Bank Briefcase

WWE completed their women's Money In The Bank lineup on this week's Raw, with Sasha Banks winning a Last Chance Gauntlet match to take the eighth and final spot for the June 17th pay-per-view.

On the men's side, Samoa Joe overcame Daniel Bryan and Big Cass in a Triple Threat qualifier, though the mystery of which New Day member will participate remains.

The trio have dodged the issue on recent episodes of SmackDown, but PWInsider claimed on a recent episode of their Elite Audio show that Big E will enter the bout. This would be in-line with recent talk that the powerhouse is set for a singles push.

This isn't the only Money In The Bank rumour doing the rounds today, however, with the previously reliable WrestleVotes Twitter account reporting that WWE's current plans involve a SmackDown winner on the men's side, and a Raw victor on the women's.

No specific names were mentioned, and WrestleVotes do note that nothing is concrete at the moment. As with all rumours, it'd be wise to take this talk with a pinch of salt, but if true, it'd open the door for current betting favourites Alexa Bliss and The Miz to triumph.

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