Bobby Fish "Hurt" During Last Night's NXT

NXT improvises opening match.

Bobby Fish

During last night's hot tag team opener, pitting the Undisputed ERA opposite the 'Monstars' tandem of Keith Lee and Dominick Dijakovic, Lee tossed Bobby Fish out of the ring.

It's unclear how this occurred - did Lee overshoot, did Kyle O'Reilly outright fail to catch his partner? - Fish absorbed a nasty landing. As the show returned from commercial break, Roderick Strong, in his jeans and his Calvins, took the place of his partner. To his immense credit, it was unclear whether or nor this was a storyline development or improvisation: Strong slotted seamlessly into the match without hesitation nor simply by cycling through Fish's repertoire.

As it turns out, this wasn't a storyline development: per PWInsider, "the belief among those we have spoken with is that there was concern Fish might have been hurt or knocked for a loop taking his bump to the floor."


NXT deserve equal credit for determining a problem and calling the audible, particularly since the brand has faced criticism for working Adam Cole to the (injured) bone.

It's the latest in an unfortunate series of injuries and knocks for Fish, but happily, Mike Johnson also reported that "we are told he was walking around backstage after the show and seemed to be OK."

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