Bobby Fish Returns To WWE NXT

The former Undisputed Era man came to Kyle O'Reilly's aid in last night's return.

bobby Fish

Bobby Fish returned to WWE NXT on last night's show, saving long-time tag team partner Kyle O'Reilly from a two-on-one beatdown by Pete Dunne and Oney Lorcan.

This came after KOR had defeated Lorcan in a singles match. Lorcan and Dunne assaulted him following the bell, drawing Fish out from the back, with the former Undisputed Man helping his old stablemate clear the ring.

The angle wasn't presented as a grand reunion for Fish and O'Reilly, who have been teaming together in some shape or form since 2012, spanning multiple promotions. While O'Reilly thanked Fish for his help, he made sure to let him know that he was doing his own thing now.


Fish hadn't appeared on NXT television for five months prior to last night. Last competing at TakeOver: WarGames in December, he was absent for the entire Undisputed Era implosion and feud between O'Reilly and Adam Cole, which culminated at TakeOver: Stand & Deliver last month.

Triceps surgery necessitated the veteran's absence from television. The 44-year-old claimed he had his own business to tend to last night, so it'll be interesting to see if that involves Cole.

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