Bobby Fulton To Begin Chemotherapy

The Fantastics' star is fighting throat cancer.

Bobby Fulton Tommy Rogers

Famed tag team wrestler Bobby Fulton, best remembered as part of The Fantastics tandem alongside the late Tommy Rogers, has began chemotherapy treatment. Fulton announced on his personal Facebook page in late December that he had been diagnosed with throat cancer:

"Good Evening! It’s Friday December 6 at 11pm. As you know or most know, I had a very important Doctors Appointment today. The News wasn’t what I wanted to hear. God My Heavenly Father has never done me wrong ever! I serve a mighty God. A risen Savior in my Lord Jesus Christ. I want no sympathy! I’m just informing you, that I have cancer in my throat. That’s gonna be treated the game plan is being put together on this coming Tuesday. I want your continued prayers. ALL THINGS work together for good for those that loves God. That are CALLED according to his PURPOSE. No sympathy just prayers. Thanks."

Fulton, 59, was a star of World Class Championship Wrestling, Bill Watt's UWF and Jim Crockett promotions throughout the '80s, winning numerous doubles straps with Rogers along the way. He had remained active in the ring until his diagnosis last month, most recently wrestling at a Bobby Eaton fundraiser on 14 December. sends our best wishes to Fulton during this difficult time.

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