Bobby Heenan's Cause Of Death Revealed

It's what we (and his family) feared for years...

bobby heenan

The late, great Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan passed away from organ failure linked to his long-running battle with throat cancer.

In his obituary, Bobby's daughter Jessica Solt revealed the news and also said that it was "just his time". Heenan had been diagnosed with throat cancer in 2002 and had been in remission since 2004. He barely looked like the man fans remembered from television throughout the 1980's and 90's, but Heenan was still a popular figure on the autograph circuit until recently.

As an interesting side note, Solt also said her father had been 72 years of age when he passed, not 73 as was reported in the news.


In the same interview, she went on record to claim Bobby Heenan had played a major role in Hulk Hogan's success, noting that "Hulk Hogan got over because of my dad". Whilst Hulk's own charisma and star power stand on their own merits, it is fair to claim that Heenan's heel run in the 80's directly contributed to fan support for top babyfaces.

Although sad that Heenan passed on from cancer complications, his family and fans can take comfort in knowing the great man isn't suffering any longer.

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