Bobby Lashley Set For Major Rematch On Next Week's WWE Raw

A shot at redemption for the WWE Champion's Hell in a Cell opponent.

Xavier Woods Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley will wrestle Xavier Woods on next week's episode of WWE Raw, the promotion has confirmed.

This comes following a Hell in a Cell match between the two on last week's show. The WWE Champion defeated Woods, putting him away with the Hurt Lock, then continued to inflict brutal punishment after the bell. Kofi Kingston was helpless to defend his ally as Lashley pressed Woods' face against the locked cell while stretching him in another Hurt Lock.

Lashley defends his WWE Championship against Kingston at Money in the Bank 2021 on 18 July. This latest Woods bout is a way of building to that, with The New Day man seeking revenge.


Both Lashley and Woods were absent from last night's episode of Raw, with Bobby's manager, MVP, claiming the WWE Champion was on vacation. In a confrontation with Kingston, MVP claimed that Xavier was absent due to the punishment he suffered inside HIAC, adding that he probably wouldn't make next week either. Kofi shot this down, saying Woods will be back for the next show.

The Kingston/MVP segment closed with MVP being laid out by Trouble In Paradise, despite his injured state.

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