Bobby Lashley Shares THIS Unique WWE Stat With Steve Austin And Two Others

Only Bobby Lashley, Steve Austin, Kofi Kingston and Jon Moxley have this WWE history.

bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley joined an elite group of workers when he beat The Miz to become new WWE Champion on Monday's episode of Raw.

The brand new champ became only the fourth wrestler in company history to win the top belt after bagging the United States Title first and then the Intercontinental Title second. Steve Austin, Kofi Kingston and Jon Moxley (as Dean Ambrose) have also achieved the feat in that exact same order.

It's a quirky stat, and it's one not many can shout about.


Of course, 'Stone Cold' won the US Title when it was a WCW championship, but Lashley, Kingston and Mox all did it under WWE's umbrella. Then, they hit the jackpot by shooting up the cards to become WWE Champion afterwards.

In addition to joining this unique club, Lashley has now also won World Titles in three different decades. He captured the old (now defunct) ECW belt in 2006, became TNA World Champ in 2014 and has now grabbed WWE's top prize in 2021.


That Lashley, Austin, Kingston and Ambrose quartet would've been one hell of a Survivor Series team. Just saying.

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