Bobby Lashley Talks Retirement - Calls This WWE Run A "Sprint"

New WWE Champion Bobby Lashley has revealed how long he has left in-ring.

Bobby Lashley

Bobby Lashley finally captured the WWE Title on Monday's episode of Raw, but he's already mentally prepping himself for retirement.

During an interview with Bleacher Report, the new WWE Champion said that he's fully aware he doesn't have "10-15 years left" at this point. Lashley is 44 years old, and admits that he only has a "a few more years left" in the tank as a pro wrestling full-timer.

So, he wants to make as big an impact in as short a period as possible.


Bobby also said he knows he has "to go hard" and that he views this current WWE run as more of a "sprint" than a marathon. That's why Monday's victory must mean so much to the man - a few years ago, it looked like his WWE career might be mired in mediocrity forever.

Aligning with MVP as part of The Hurt Business has totally changed Lashley's fortunes. Now, he's a credible heel champ who can surely look forward to some big time paydays on top of pay-per-view cards.


Maybe that elusive match with Brock Lesnar will come along before retirement does too. Who knows?

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