Booker T Criticises AEW Star Adam Cole's Lack Of Muscle

WWE legend Booker T thinks Adam Cole should add some muscle to his frame.

Adam Cole

Booker T thinks "we gotta get more weight on Adam Cole".

The WWE legend, who routinely sparks debate with his outspoken comments, told listeners via his 'Hall Of Fame' podcast that he's shocked when he sees how small Cole looks on AEW television every week. In fact, refusing to mince his words, Book said: "We gotta get some muscle on this kid".

Booker thinks Cole is super-talented, but he's concerned by his size generally. That's sure to get people talking - pro wrestling isn't quite the size-obsessed industry it was in the 1980s and (for part of the) 90s. Cole's lack of bulging muscles also shouldn't discount his in-ring abilities or skills on the microphone.


Ex-WCW and WWE World Champ Book knows that, but he's also worried that Cole is "bottom light" and could get hurt if he's not careful. Continuing, Booker added that AEW's schedule is one of the easiest a major promotion has ever expected wrestlers to work. So, in his mind, Cole should have even more time to improve his physique.

This will not be popular with certain wrestling fans out there.

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